About Me

Hello Everyone! I’m Laurie!

FullSizeRenderEver since  I was a little girl, I’ve been OBSESSED with all aspects of The HOME!  The inside, the outside, and all of the beautiful things in between!  I’m also known for doing a little creative baking from time to time.  However, my real passion lies in all things home decor and design. It’s a sickness! I’ve tried to quit….as you can see, non triumphant! I’m pretty confident that this trait was inherited from my darling Mother! (She’s house obsessed too!).  Another trait I inherited…. (this one from my Dad), is the love of power tools! Yaaaaas Gurrrl!! Every home should be filled with them! 🙂 I live in the great State of Maine, with a wonderful, hard working husband, and four loving children, (Three out of four are teens! Feel for me!), whom I love so very deeply, and could never live without! My treasured time is spent with them, along with decorating, DIYing, cooking, and entertaining.  I would love to share with you, in this blog, some of my ideas, photos, projects, and whatever else I come up with.  I’m not an expert by any means, and I really love the term: “Let’s just wing it!” I can’t wait to experience all of the wonderful things I’ll learn from you as well!  I believe that how we live, care for our family, and our home is a direct reflection of ourselves.  I hope this will inspire you to take some extra time to enjoy life, and maybe add a little extra beauty into your own home.

Carpe Diem!