Horizontal Gold Baby!!

I’ve wanted to do something with my plain, boring, drab Foyer for a while now…did I say plain? I meant, ridiculously plain! like Vanilla plain! Just ugly!  Sooooo, I was on a never ending Foyer to look amazing quest! I looked at Wallpaper, Bead Board, Ship Board, Board & Batten, you name it, I looked at it. I wanted something to define the space, and give it some character, and depth. They all had great looks, and many variations to each application….But!!!! Too involved for each one.  Honestly, I just didn’t want to be bothered with any of it at the time. Then it happened! I saw this pin!

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The Before picture (Please look past the teenager, onto the drab walls) Quite boring yes?



Here’s the paint I used and loved! I went to Home Depot , Sherwin Williams, and Lowes to find Gold paint…..ummmm No! Sherwin Williams could order me a quart for around $55 dollars…Yikes! Again, No! I went to Target and happened upon this paint you see in the photo for around $19.99…yes I will!





You’ll want to  use a level of course. I used this Black and Decker Laser Level. Trying to get level lines without it would be challenging, but if you have more patience than I do, then go for it! This particular one was inexpensive, and so worth it!


After all was level, I taped off the lines at 18 inches apart. That was fun!…….. yeah no! I CAN’T STRESS ENOUGH HOW PERFECT YOUR LINES NEED TO BE! If not, then it’s a mess, and one line will mess up the next. (speaking from experience)

Finished! I love it!

Finished! I love it!

Finished! Here's the finished product! I think it's lovely, don't you! It really defines the space, and gives it a warm feeling. Gotta love the Horizontal Lines!!

It really defines the space, and gives it a warm feeling.











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